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Doorless in Seconds

  • 02/01/07
    Extreme Duty Quick Click Doorless Straps

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If you have questions heres the solutions..

Our friends in the UK Thanks!

Shipping from Amazon Prime, The Original clicky starter quick fix relay get yours today?

Rocky Road Outfitters and LowRange Offroad sell our Quick Fix relay!

Low Range OffRoad has tested, approved and sells our parts. But why pay more when you can buy THE ORIGINAL CLICKY STARTER QUICK FIX KIT here or from Amazon Prime? Get yours today!!

The Brightest LED Lights you've ever seen!!





NEW Products

We now have some new products for all who own a Chevy 3.8 liter engine.



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Welcome to clicky-Starter.com
Your one stop shop to fix your Clicking Starter

The Clicking Starter or Clicky Starter Syndrome is a terrible thing to experience and will always happen at the worst time.
Do you have Clicking Starter trouble with your; Suzuki Samurai, Sidekick, Subaru, Older Volkswagon, Porsche, Ferrari, Geo Tracker, Rav 4 and newly added Suzuki Vitara. Are you looking for a affordable easy to install "quick fix" If so... Here's the Answer at wholesale prices!!

Get Your "Clicky-Starter Quick Fix Kit" On it's way TODAY! Follow the link.

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It does more than stop the Clicking Starter (AKA) "Clicky Starter" that is so embarrassing. It also gives your starter the power it's been starving for by taking the old worn out factory connection out of the loop!!!

If you get in and turn the Key, and you find your favorite ride has the dreaded Click Syndrome. Then this is the fix it needs! Don't delay in getting this High quality Ready to go fix. Because waiting can, and will cause damage to your Starter.

Enclosed with the kit are Detailed, Easy to Follow Instructions, with Excellent full color pictures to assist those who might be Mechanically / Technically challenged. All wire is 14 gauge Automotive cross-linked wire ,(OEM is 18ga.) Everything you need to install this is included, Except the Screwdriver. This kit uses a very High Quality 30amp relay and also includes a water proof heavy duty fuse holder, and 30 amp fuse to protect the battery to starter connection. Every one is run through a series of tests before they get the stamp of approval to be sold, This is so that you can be assured that you are getting the Quality Part that you expect.

Click here to order yours today!

Don't let your clicking starter leave you stranded or embarrassed again..


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