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Q:What comes in the kit?
: Enclosed with the kit are Detailed, easy to follow instructions, with excellent full color pictures to assist those who might be Mechanically / Technically challenged.

All wire is 14 gauge Automotive cross-linked wire ,(OEM is 18ga.)

Everything you need to install this is included, Except the Screwdriver.

This kit uses a very High Quality 30amp relay and also includes a water proof heavy duty fuse holder, and 30 amp fuse to protect the battery to starter connection. unless of course you have purchased Clicky-starter Quick Fix Kit... without the fuse...

In addition every one is run through a series of tests before they get the stamp of approval to be sold, This is so that you can be assured that you are getting the Quality Part that you expect, from us here at www.clicky-starter.com/. Here to get you the best fix for your clicking starter trouble.

Q: How do I know if this is the fix I need to get my ride back on the road.
If you get in and turn the Key, and you find your favorite ride has the dreaded Click Syndrome. what this means is turn the ignition key and you just hear a click, let off the key turn it again and, once again click, and after doing this several time repeatdly it might turn over and start....Then this is the fix it needs Don't delay in getting this High quality Ready to go fix. Because waiting to do so can, and will cause damage to your starter.


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