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Below are Quoted comments Made by Izook.com Online Off road magazine about our Product after putting them on their Zukis for Review!!!


“This is a common problem in the older Samurais. Components get hot, and then the small wire that sends power to the starter solenoid doesn't seem to have enough power to do the job right. A fix to this problem has been around for years with a relay and some additional wiring".


“I have to admit I was impressed with the directions even before I examined the harness. The directions were fully illustrated (in color) and take you though the install step by step. Installation time for this was only 11 minutes - total time
The components in the harness were of high quality.”

“For most folks out there, it's worth the money to get a decent, reliable fix that you don't have to mess around with. That's $15 and ten minutes time... a good decision in my book.”


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Thank you.


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